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Beautifully personalized, hand-crafted, personalized jewelry

Let's get started creating your vision.

WHAT do i make?

I make custom, personalized, hand-stamped jewelry. All you need to do is give me your vision and I will make it happen on a necklace, bracelet, keychain... name it!



Most of my items are made from durable and lightweight 22 gauge stainless steel, and I also use a super thick, 12 gauge aluminum for my cuff bracelets, as well as 18 gauge brass and copper on my necklaces.

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Important Stuff!

Feeling Loved Jewelry 

won the

2015 Best of Suffolk Award in the category of

Jewelry Designer

by the Suffolk Award Program


Feeling Loved Jewelry 

was voted # 33 in the

Top 100

Leading Moms in Business Competition


My absolute favorite thing to make:

People message me with some brilliant ideas! I absolutely love making your vision become a reality!! 

But if you were to ask me what my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE thing to make is, it would be the "Memory Cuffs", 10 out of 10 times! 

"Man, that sure seems like a lot of work.... stamping over 30 phrases and words for such a small cost...." People tell me this ALL the time! And yes, you're right! It IS a lot of work!! But I don't make these to make money. 

I love making memory cuffs because I love hammering the happiest part of people's lives... I love wondering what each inside joke means... But my absolutely favorite part of making memory cuffs?

I love picturing the giggles and the tears and laughing out loud, and silent sobs of happiness and heartbreak the recipient experiences when they open their box and read their cuff. THAT is why I love what I do. THAT is why "Feeling Loved Jewelry" is the name of this little business I have; I want EVERYONE to feel loved when they open their order, and I want EVERYONE to feel the love the sender felt when they ordered for their recipient. 

If it's meaningful to you, it's just as meaningful to me. 

How do I make it?

Simple. Once you decide on a style and text, I take your stainless steel blanks and carefully measure out where the font is going to go.

Using a mallet, I hammer in the letters one at a time (and sometimes in reverse order!) into the stainless steel or designated material.

Next, I color in the inscription using an oder free compound called Gilder's Paste. It is water proof and life proof!

I follow it up with a polishing and shine it to perfection.

I add the charms or birthstones you've requested for your item, and then I send you a picture of your finished item for you to view.

Lastly, I put it in a cello bag, and send it in the padded envelope you'll come to expect from {FeelingLoved}!

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