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This is a USED Font Fixation stamp from my personal supply. It has light use when I made examples for the Font Fixation website, therefore it has been lightly used on stainless steel. There is some mild rust on the shank of the stamp, but there is NO rust on the stamping surface/image of the stamp. This will not have any effect on your stamping. 

Font Fixation offers free rust removal in non-high-volume-sale-shipping times. For more information on this service, read this:


There are no exchanges/returns/refunds. 


Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail. This is for both your protection and mine. If your shipped order is delayed/lost/concerning to you, please contact the USPS directly, as there is absolutely nothing I can do to help you once it's left my hands. 

Bottle #02 (9mm)

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