The road to my heart is paved with paw prints. I mean, who doesn't love their pet, right? This 6-strand, round leather bracelet comes with the paw print heart charm, and in the following pet-friendly colors: orange, matte denim, grayy, braided white, matte tan, and shiny black.

Here are some things to know about clasps:

  • If you select the Toggle or the Magnetic Closure -- I need to know your wrist size.
  • If you select the Lobster clasp, this comes in one-size-fits-most and is sizeable for approx 6-8" wrists.
  • The Lobster claw is the most secure closure, but the most difficult to put on by yourself.
  • The Toggle is easy to put on.
  • The Magnetic Closure is the easiest, but the least secure way to close it. Even sticking your hand into your purse to retrieve items could cause this closure to pop apart. 

Pet Love and Paw Prints