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A bangle perfect for your child's First Communion gift. 
This stainless steel bangle comes with a circle that has a name, a circle with a date with a birthstone that overhangs it, and a bible charm (or cross, you pick).
Please tell me in the notes of your order (on the shopping cart page) what the name, date, and birthstone should be.

First Communion

  • This stainless steel bangle comes with three items of your choice for $25. 

    You will see the price change as you add more charms and/or stones. 

    You get ANY THREE ITEMS (mix and match) you want on an adult OR child size adjustable bangle. Just let me know in the comments which three items you want.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT : NAMES and BIRTHSTONES are TWO SEPARATE ITEMS. So, if you wanted a name, birthstones, and charm, those are THREE items. If you have 5 kids and you want 5 names and 5 stones, that is TEN items. Please plan accordingly! :)

    Stones are round  or bicone-shaped Swarovski crystals. There are 12 months available, just tell me the month you need.

    Each name plate is one item. Each birthstone is one item. Each charm is one item. :)

    All text will be in black.

    The actual bangle metal is stainless steel. It is adjustable in that you squeeze the wrapped ends toward each other for the bangle to open. Put your hand through the now enlarged hole. Then push the wrapped ends back apart to tighten the bangle. All charms and stones are lead-free and nickle-free.

    Pictures of available charms and stones are on the next listing. 
    You can either put in the notes section HERE what three items you want on your bangle, OR you can select the charms/stones listing (no charge) and tell me what you want from there. Either way, I need to know what items you want for as many items as you order on your bangle!!

    1) WHAT SIZE? ADULT OR CHILD? If you forget this info, I will default to adult sizing.
    2) If I am stamping a name, what shape blank?
    3) If I am stamping a blank, what text?
    4) If you want birthstones, what are the months?
    5) If you want stones, round or bicone-shaped?
    6) If you want charms, which one(s)? 
    Please indicate this information in the text box provided.

    SHIPPING IS USPS PRIORITY MAIL FLAT RATE SHIPPING. Your order will be insured and tracked.


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