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Memories. When we are alone, what else do we have with someone? What better way to show someone you love them, and that your time with them matters. Your memory of someone, or memories with someone are the most special experiences you have... 


Give me a list of 30 or so people, places, and events. Be sure to tell me which items on the list are the most important, and I'll be sure to emphasize those words.


I've photographed them flat for you to see what they look like in their entirety, but rest assured, they will be bent into shape prior to mailing them.
** Please provide the details of your text on the shopping cart page. **

1" Wide - MEMORIES Cuff

  • This is made from super thick and durable, food grade, 12 gauge aluminum. The cuff is 6" long and is meant to have a comfortable opening on the underside of your wrist. It is one-size-fits most, and is meant to be expanded and contracted to form a comfortable fit.

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